In God we Trust!

City’s Book has international circulation, free of charge and segmented distribution, with the main focus being the Government, Economic and Political areas.

Fixed Distribution:

  • Presidency of all MERCOSUR countries;
  • Presidency and Ministries – Brasília DF;
  • Chamber of Deputies and Federal Senate – Brasília DF;
  • * Embassies located in Brasília DF;
  • * Consulates located in SP;
  • * Headquarters of the State Government and State Secretariats;
  • Legislative Assemblies;
  • Class Organs: Federation of Industries and related;
  • Foreign trade councils with offices in SP;
  • Financial institutions
  • Business Mailing – Maná Group.

* Embassies and Consulates of the main countries in the World Economic scenario.

*Headquarters of the State Government, State Secretariats and Legislative Assembly relative to the State in which the contemplated municipality is located.

Specific distribution

In addition to the fixed distribution, in each municipality contemplated there is also a specific distribution, which contemplates the region to the environment:

  • Main Companies of the Municipality;
  • City Halls and Town Halls of the surrounding cities;
  • Municipal Secretariats and public agencies from the cities to the surroundings;
  • Commercial Associations around the municipality;